Getting to know.. you..

16 Jan

barcelona, 2007

Hello new world, you look really good today. So it’s January 15th, 2010 and we’re celebrating our new endeavor with a little introductory post. Who are we? What’s our story? What are we listening to right now (I’m tapping my feets to The Avett Brothers)? Good questions.

I’m Missy. I’m twenty-four, living in sunny, sunny Los Angeles. I have a job that I dig, friends and family on both coasts, and a new pair of boots (I call them my christmas boots and they’ve seldom left my feet since). I’ve been thinking for awhile now about how not everyone has their mom to help shop for basic needs after flying the coop.. You know, the kind of needs that you don’t really know you need because you’ve never flown the coop before? A slated spoon, for instance, or a ladle if cooking soup is your thing.

Ally and I met when we were two and a total bully of child named Evan convinced us to climb to the top of our nursery school’s playhouse and then stole the ladder and left us there to cry.


I’m Ally. I’m 24—soon to hit the big 2-5 and loving all the excitement and daily meltdowns that accompany this fabulous quarter-life milestone.  I grew up outside the city, went to college a whole 98 miles away, and after a few debaucherous but oh so memorable overseas adventures, migrated back to New York where I live with my boyfriend and quit jobs every 12 months to move on to something new!

Currently in my third job in two and a half years, I am one very happy girl.  A numbers girl at heart with a love for beautiful things, I have found myself in the wonderful world of fashion—by which I mean I sit next to the fashion while I make my way through endless Excel sheets.  Great family, great friends, and I too have a few new pairs of Christmas Boots that have helped kick off the frigid New Year in NYC.


Christmas boots aside, Missy and I are two very different girls, living in two very different worlds who somehow, seem to always end up on the same page. One might chalk that up to endless gchat convos and priceless advice that only your best friend who lives 3000 miles away can dish out, or to the fact that we seem to be chasing a not so different dream.  Whatever it is, it’s kept us sane as we wander aimless through our 20’s.

So we’re here at FIRST SHOT to create one place where everyone can go to talk about shit you never knew you needed, problems you never knew you had, bills you never knew you’d have to pay!, and fun adventures you never knew you’d be so lucky to go on.. So join us, won’t you, in growing up?


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