On Furnishing..

20 Jan

I recently moved into my own place. After four years of roommating in college (including one year living with thirty-two chicks in our sorority house), four months in the bottom of a boat (more on that later), six months with a stranger, and ’08-’09 with a good, sweet friend, I needed some space. I wanted to come home and pout if I needed to. I wanted to change out of work clothes into sweatpants without picking up after myself, and DVR my guilty pleasures without consulting someone else’s television tastes.

So I went looking for something in my price range (low) that was safe (#1), cute and comfortable. I found adorable studios and one bedrooms on great streets close to my new job.. but just as I was getting serious and my other lease was ending, the realities of moving out on my own hit me. Before it was rent, and minimal, one-nice-dinner’s-worth in cable and utilities. But having to pay for everything on my own; water, gas, electricity, cable (bye bye DVR).. and shit! Decorating. I could afford to pay my own rent, that was easy, but having things to sit on when people came over, things to cook food in and strain pasta with? This was going to add up.

So I started shifting my craigslist focus just a little bit. I paid less attention to how cute hardwood floors are and more attention to how cute “utilities included” sounded. I unchecked the “has images only” box and added “furnished” into the keyword search. And then I got lucky. A sweet girl was in a tough spot and needed to get out of her lease. The rent was a bit above my price range, but it came – gasp – fully furnished. I figured the extra money I’d spend in rent just about equaled the money I’d save by not having to buy couches, a coffee table, a dining room table and chairs. So began my “it’s like a payment plan apartment” theory. Or excuse.

Anyway. I’ve been daydreaming lately about what purchases I WOULD have made, had I been forced to (oh, and in these daydreams, I’m crazy rich). January’s Anthropologie just showed up on my door and I am crushing on this Battersea Sofette. My style is a mix of masculine and feminine, with just a touch of sweatpants, and this baby suits me perfectly. Right now the wall behind my couch is navy blue, but this would look so clean in front of a crisp white.

Do you guys ever browse for your dream home and the things you’d put in it?


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