My love for vegetables..

26 Jan

Kohlrabi is broccoli-like and Mike-like

Fact: If you prepare them right, organic fruits and vegetables are all kinds of delicious. When I eat a nasty (ok, absolutely mouth watering) box of chicken mcnuggets, or a bowl of chocolates (so many holiday leftovers, still), I become a total brat – completely unpleasant to be around. When I eat a particularly healthy meal, I like to imagine the goods coursing through my veins, loving up on my insides and brightening my mood.

Marked up at the grocery store, it’s hard to shop organic and eat well-rounded meals on a lean budget. When I go to the Farmers Market without a plan, my eyes are often bigger than my reusable bags and I end up blowing through a lot of cash. So when I heard about the South Central Farmers’ Cooperative CSA (community supported agriculture) box – which hooks you up with about 5lbs of veggies for $15, I was intrigued.

I signed up for just one week – I’m a little bit commitment-phobic in life in general – and picked up my box at the Hollywood Farmers Market. It was a little bit refreshing to go to the market with a purpose – one purpose – and I marched straight to their table, picked up my giant box, turned around and headed home. Giddy with unexpected anticipation, and I popped open my box in the car at a red light (I live four minutes from the market and this was unnecessary). Holy-greenery. The box was stuffed with leafy greens the likes of which I had never seen before. I could name the cilantro, the kale and the green onions, but everything else was mysterious to me (especially kohlrabi, which looks like a Monsters, Inc. character and I now looove). I went to the SCF’s “What’s In A Box This Week?” website and played the matching game with their photos and my goods. It was like cereal box prizes, only the prizes were nutrient dense side dishes.

My handsome man and I spent the week thinking up recipes, intent on cooking from the box at every possible meal. We made kale chips to have alongside fish tacos, mixed kohlrabi and tomatoes into our pasta with trader joe’s sausage. I ran home during lunch two days in a row to cook up collard greens to eat with my cold cuts sandwich. I spent less time on fashion blogs and more time searching for inspiration for my next meal. Eep. The CSA box took over my life.

And that was the downside; that I spent my week trying desperately to empty out the box (and even then, we still threw away some wilted lettuce and extra cilantro, a handful of radishes). I think if we were a bigger family, had some little kids to force veggies on, the box would be a completely affordable miracle in my life. For now, I think we’ll box it once a month or so. Or maybe I’ll just calm down a bit and accept that if a few things go bad, they go bad. It’s not a race to the bottom of the box; it’s about supporting the local farming community, about eating healthy, and about letting the true thrill of veggies get me all hot and bothered.

Do any of you participate in your local CSA?


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