On parties..

26 Jan

(Congrats to our girls Shara & Lindsey!)

Despite living in Manhattan and working in a rather in-the-moment industry, when it comes to pop culture and general knowledge that all my friends seem to know inherently, I am well, in the great words of Fergie — SO 2000 and late.

Sadly, technology is no exception—I do not know how to update my ipod (thank God for Emily), I don’t have an itunes account (that’s James’ expertise) and I most definitely do not know how to use a blog (you can thank Missy for getting my Word docs up on this site for your viewing pleasure).

But like most other 24 year olds who have spent their first two years of the real world trapped in a sea of stifling cubicles, I have managed to find ways to fill my very limited free time entertaining myself on wholesome (read: unblocked) sites.

While most of you may already know about the latest impress-your-guests invite, I have recently discovered – and become OBSESSED with – Paperless Post.  I first heard about Paperless from my newly-engaged green-minded friend, and I have now spent about as much time planning my college friend’s 25th birthday bash as I have on my weekly reports.

The site offers an eco-friendly, electronic throwback to personalized announcements and invitations.  Tons of color, texture, font, and design options and you even get to pick the envelope!  It’s the evolution of the e-vite and it is FABULOUS.

If you haven’t already set up an account, pretty invitations are ALWAYS a great excuse to throw a party and certainly a fun way to kill a few hours on a Monday morning!


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