365 days in the life of…

27 Jan

So when Julie and Julia came out this fall, it was hard to not relate to this lost, cubical bound  girl, commuting to the outer burrows of NYC and cooking her way through Julia Child’s cook book.  But it was even harder not to think “how freakin brilliant is she?”  The girl basically endured the arduous struggle of following somebody elses already created book for 365 days at the cost of a few lbs, a ton of great meals, and oh right, ultimately becoming a rich and successful  author! Now don’t get me wrong, a sucker for a chick flick and yummy food, I LOVED this movie.  But when I recently saw the add below on the 6 train, I couldn’t help but wonder why I have yet to come up with a get rich scheme that capitalizes on this latest trend?
However, then my rational brain kicked in and I actually considered the task at hand.  Could I commit to doing something by choice for 365 days? (keep in mind I have barely commit to one job for that length of time) If I could commit, who’s expertise or passion do I really care enough about to commit that kind of time to? On a spectrum of Julia to Oprah, I’m pretty sure I’d be leaning towards the good food, but as much as I love to try out a new recipe (more to come on this later!), I’m not quite sure I’m cut out for 365 days in the kitchen.  Whose wisdom would you commit 365 days to live by?


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