on habits

20 Feb

Apologies – we’ve been a little few and far between.

We’re both in love with this blog; with creating a safe place for our thoughts and freakish emotions, with collaborating, with First Shot Gift Shop. Personally, I’m in love with writing; nothing feels better than stringing words together in a way that sounds pretty or hokey or fun. I secretly re-read particularly witty emails that I send and giggle (if nobody else is going to laugh out loud for me, might as well, right?).

But I am awful at creating habits. I love doing things I don’t have to do and loathe doing things I do have to do. And this, I know, is what must change. If I’m going to be a big girl with a real life (even if it’s a silly one), I have to pay my bills on time, return my blockbuster movies before I auto-own them.. and go after my dream of running this blog and growing with First Shot Gift Shop.

So I promise to you, Ally, and to all the proverbial-yous that don’t exist yet (“Dear Readers”, we may call you later on) – that I will write. I will write and write, and share interesting articles and awkward stories and pretty, pretty pictures. Every day.

Other habits I’m working on: Waking up early (this was the first week of 8am alarms – even though I usually lounge in bed until 8:20, my eyes are open so it counts!), hiking (next week is the week of one weekday hike), keeping a clean house (my mom will be pumped for this one).

What habits are the hardest for you to stick to?


One Response to “on habits”

  1. Melanie February 20, 2010 at 10:38 pm #

    Oh where do I start? Eating better, stop biting my nails, be nicer to myself. Blah. Change is hard.

    Let me know if that striped shirt is as cute in person!

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