on deals (and girls’ weekends!)

4 Mar

(c) latimes.com, douglas lyle thompson and jon johnson

until today, the time i spent on jetsetter.com (gilt groupe’s sleek and sexy travel site) was just for fun. i have one big trip planned this year – hawaii for new years – and i’ve accepted the fact there’s no wiggle room in the budget for another. so i’ll wander over to jetsetter a couple times a week and run my mouse over the gorgeous safaris and getaways to morocco, and it’s harmless, and dreamy.

but right now they have a monster sale on the (already pretty affordable) Ace Hotel group – New York and Palm Springs so far – and rooms are going for as little as $70 a night through June. my good friend and coworker hannah and i have decided that right around the beginning of summer we’ll probably being going nut bars (work has been hectic lately!) and we’ll absolutely deserve a nice spa weekend, no boys allowed. so we’re booking a room ($35 each, come on!), with massage and facial appointments to follow. hannah’s been to the Ace in Portland, but this will be a first for me. I’m so excited!

I imagine I’ll wear this dress the whole time:

It came in the mail yesterday, and I’m in love.


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