new (to me) application alert

8 Mar
me & ally, drunk eating, april 2008.

so I’m not hip enough to have an iphone, but the only reason i’m actually bummed about that is because i really want to use the polaroid-making application. yesterday, deep in the depths of boredom, my fingers got around to googling “make my photo a polaroid” and DAMN, I can do it on my trusty old powerbook! of course. idiot.

so, new toy! yay. make your favorite digi-pics look cool and from the 70s today.

in other save-polaroid news, THE IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT is announcing big things this month. looking forward to their new endeavor.


One Response to “new (to me) application alert”

  1. Kirsten March 8, 2010 at 10:19 pm #

    Since I actually started w/ old brownie cameras and super old polaroid cameras when I was a young photographer…discovering this same capability late last year (I use the amazing app “Camera Bag”) was the highlight of 2009 for me.

    Ok, maybe not the highlight. But a highlight.

    Love your use of it, makes that foto a total classic!

    P.S. Also love the blog in general. Will be returning for sure.

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