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Big Huge Monster Changes

29 Jun

MIA is an understatement.

Ally and I have been taking the last month to do two things; get our heads around the Big Huge Monster Changes in our lives, and get a tangible, visable jump start on First Shot Gift Shop.

1. Big Huge Monster Changes
As Ally has mentioned before, she and I must live our lives on these parallel tightropes that have knots in the same places. This month, she packed up her adorable New York City apartment, where she has been living with James for the last year, sold as much as she could on Craigslist, and has been sleeping on a blow up mattress in the living room, eating out and drinking a lot of cocktails. Next week, she and James move to the home where she grew up to save a month’s rent before heading out to Los Angeles to hang out with me ALL THE TIME (and so James can go get his MBA, whatever). She’ll write more later, but I can tell you from this side of those g-chats, it’s a scary, exciting time for them, full of lots of “Crap! I’m poor!” but also full of lots of “!!!!!!!!!!” because in a month and a half she is going to LIVE HERE. Like. Not a plane ride. Just a quick jump up the 10.

As for me, I moved into a little bitty bungalow in eastern Santa Monica with my BOYFRIEND. Here is what people don’t tell you until right before you move in with your lover.. Moving sucks. Big time. I would work all day, meet him at one of our many estates (my apartment, his house, Our House) where he would force me to eat so that I didn’t turn evil-cranky on him, and then we’d do about two hours of moving and collapse in bed. You know who wasn’t very sweet and patient the whole time? This girl. You want to know who felt like she was doing it all by herself even though her boyfriend was right there, doing it with her, THE WHOLE TIME? This girl. You know who did this for like twenty days straight and cried about so many things including public storage? Me, right here. I’ll say this, and he knows it; this whole experience was not fun. But sitting here on the other side (with now just one house full of boxes and crap and not three?), I’m SO happy it happened. Because now we get to live together for reals. In a little house.

I’ve also made an insane decision to leave my job. I’m currently working two jobs single mama style; my regular day job and then cocktail waitressing at night, but I’m saving up this month to transition over to just cocktailing. Because you know what? I’m not happy, not doing what I do. And my boss deserves better than that. So I’m going to take some time to rest, regroup, and pay better attention to myself. I have one pretty rad opportunity that I meet about tomorrow, and otherwise, we will see! But I’m ready to listen to my gut and move on.

I’m really excited.

2. First Shot Gift Shop
Ok so it’s been in the works for about two months now, and we officially have the MOST PATIENT graphic design group in the world (The Message Studios in Toronto are fab), but here it is. Our first First Shot Gift Shop logo. Holy crap!!

So thanks for being patient, bearing with us. We’re going to make a slow comeback and be back in full force in August, with a plan to launch our first line in November.

Lots of love xo